Teachings on Yoga Practice: A conversation with Rachel May (Part 2)


This week, I’m so pleased to bring you part 2 of my conversation with yoga teacher and practitioner Rachel May (click here to catch up on part 1).

In this portion of our conversation, Rachel dives deep into a discussion of the changes we sign up for in practicing yoga and working with the discomfort that this change can cause; exploring our triggers and taking responsibility for our feelings; Non-violent Communication and trusting the process.

“I really do believe that everyone has, somewhere in their karmic matrix, the opportunity to do something spiritual. And it could be running for you, who knows, but go see. Because you’re wasting time not seeing, and there’s so much. There is so much. It has been around forever. There’s so much. Go see what brings you alive, and go see what draws you toward that embodiment again, so that as you move through the world, you’re creating good karma. Do that. Why else wouldn’t we do that? We can do that.”

Everyone has an effect. I think that’s our greatest crutch as human beings. We don’t change because there is some part of us that says that it doesn’t matter if I change. And it’s the only thing that does matter. It’s the only thing you have control over. And because 7 billion people think that it doesn’t matter, nothing ever changes. So choose to change. Do whatever it is. Do the thing that you’re most scared of. Make the effort. …Recognize that you are part of something universal that requires your attention. That requires your participation.” – Rachel May

So much gratitude to Rachel for sharing her time and words and these teachings with us. Find Rachel online on Facebook, in person Yoga Tree in Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania and Yoga Love in Yardley, Pennsylvania. For more about her lineage, Sri Vidya, visit devipuram.com. For more of this conversation with Rachel, check out Part 1 right here.

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