Practicing Purpose & Paradoxes: A Conversation with Nancy Lubar Sommers

Nancy Lubar Sommers is an astrologer and a therapist, and part of her service to the world is to apply a wider context to the political landscape of our world through her blog, Starlight News. I met Nancy through her son, a fellow yoga practitioner, and we got together on a beautiful Autumn day to discuss astrology and practice and, well, my chart! I’ve carved out that part of our conversation and what remains is her frank and grounded perspective on astrology, personal growth and our human nature. I especially enjoyed her eloquent words on practice and our life’s path – and her theory on the paradox of the universe (tune in at 13:11 for this discussion.)

“My understanding is that when someone is really walking their path, when they are really doing what they are here to do, there’s a feeling that comes with it. There’s a feeling of – this is who I am, this is when my inner voice is speaking the most clearly, this is like the theme around which my whole life is truly organized. So, whether you’re a musician, or you’re an astrologer, or you’re a yoga teacher, when you’re doing your thing and you feel like: this is why I’m here. Those moments when that really works. That feels like the path, the destiny… Now for some people it may not be part of their job when they’re feeling that way. It may be that I have some job that I do in order to make money, but then I come home and I do wood carvings or I play with my children or I do something where I feel like – this is what gives my life meaning. This is where I feel most true to who I am. And I feel like that’s – that’s what we all crave. That’s when we feel the most alive, when we’re able to do that. And that’s my sense of what you’re talking about as Practice. How do I get to make THAT happen?”

Oh yes, THAT.

So tell me, my fellow practicing humans, do you recognize this feeling that Nancy is speaking of?

When do you feel closest to who you really are?

How do paradoxes, like the one Nancy speaks of, show up in your life?  


Nancy Lubar Sommers has been practicing astrology for over 30 years.
Find Nancy online at her popular political astrology blog,
Starlight News.

3 comments on “Practicing Purpose & Paradoxes: A Conversation with Nancy Lubar Sommers

  1. When Uranus and Neptune traversed Aquarius over my moon, I realized that I was supposed to be a metaphysical writer. I wrote MYSTERIES: Ancient& Modern and several poetry books after that. The only time you feel truly alive is when you are following your spirit or your bliss. Bless Nancy and the work she does. I met her forty years ago when transiting Uranus conjunct my Venus. Her Aquarian stellium jived with my moon.
    Bless her heart.

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