We all practice.

We practice what enriches our lives, what makes us better humans. We practice to create or become or fulfill. The question is:

What are you practicing? 

It might vary from day to day. Or it could take the same basic shape every time, but you might be a little different each time you come to it. You might practice patience. Or writing. Or patience in your writing. You might practice meditation or martial arts, travel or languages, listening or knitting, painting or sculpture or prayer. Whatever your practice is, this is for you.

Perspectives on Practice is a place to explore what it means to be a practicing human. This is where we find inspiration, share the triumphs and challenges of our practices and support each other toward greater refinement. This is where we learn from each other through the intersection of our individual techniques and our collective method: Practice.

Practice means never finished. Practice means never perfect – and hurray for that! Practice means discovery and presence and a way to touch our intrinsic wholeness no matter the format, structure or shape of what we do.

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Whatever your practice, you are welcome here.

By practicing together, we go farther. This is a place for conversations and kinship among practicing humans, like you.