Making Space for Practice: A Conversation with Dawn Sorrell

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 2.42.21 PMSelf-Portrait by Dawn Sorrell

Dawn Sorrell is an artist who works in many mediums and who is well acquainted with the challenges of making space for creative practice in the midst of busy family and work life. She’s also an old friend of mine. I stayed with her during my road trip stop in Virginia Beach and it was such a treat to reconnect after many years. Dawn’s views on creativity, presence and practice are influenced by her life experiences and her study of art and Buddhism and I wish I’d had the opportunity to record more of our discussions. I’m grateful to her for agreeing to this unplanned interview, where she shares many insights and stories of how her art allows her to be seen and to connect with others. Dawn also discusses the implications of ignoring our creative drive and provides encouragement for all of us who struggle to make space for our practice.

During our conversation, Dawn shares the story of reconnecting with her practice by pulling out her brushes and spending a few quiet moments with the tools of her art (16:38). She also discusses her experiences in making space for creativity (and for presence) in her life and offers some essential advice for all of us. Among her words of wisdom were these:

Practice Being. Make space for quiet in your life.

Start small. Carve out a manageable window of time for your practice

Give yourself permission to take that time, without expectations or limitations.

Do Dawn’s stories and experiences resonate with you? Do you have insights to share? How do you make time for practice? If you struggle with making space, what if you took action today on a piece of Dawn’s gentle advice (start small, maybe)?

Share your experiences in the comments below or on this page by adding #perspectivesonpractice to your posts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Let’s practice together.

Check out a few of Dawn’s pieces here, and connect with her on Instagram for more of her view of the world.

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