Practicing Opening the Door

Today I’m practicing opening the door. Things have been a little quiet around Perspectives for a while, and it’s been an unintentional, but necessary break. It’s a hard thing, to press pause on something that has such a hold on my heart - and … [Read more]

Practicing Transitions

Solitude in a city of 22 million Today I’m practicing making the shift. From the unfamiliar, the challenging, the contrasts of a complicated place, to this also complicated (in different, but similar ways), but familiar, comforting, environment. … [Read more]

Dispatch from Delhi

see photo & post on Instagram This is the kind of letter that usually goes just to the Perspectives mailing list (join us, here), or on instagram or tumblr. But since this whole project is itself a practice, I thought I would share it here … [Read more]